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Pure Malt Based at Pukekohe, one hour south of Auckland, on the North Island, "Cuisine Resources" has a modern GMP manufacturing plant producing a large range of natural products in both liquid and powder forms. The area close to the plant is a prime agricultural growing area, which is blessed with fertile soil and extremely low salinity. Many of the natural starting materials are contract grown locally to CR's specifications.

The company was founded in 1989 and was known as Natures Food Ingredients Ltd and in 2007 the company became Cuisine Resources (NZ) Ltd when it was purchased by the family owned Vika BV Group in the Netherlands who recognised the strategic value of having a supply base in the Southern Hemisphere.

Now the company is moving into a new and exciting development phase with work underway to build a new 5700m2 state-of-the-art factory compliant with NZ, EU and US standards. This is to be built on a 4 Ha site which has been purchased close to the existing plant. Additional technical and management staff have been employed to handle the increase in output. The new facility is expected to be fully operational during the latter part of 2010.

The product range is both food and functional ingredients. These range from "fresh from the field" chill stable sautèed onion, to a high quality select range of natural beef and chicken extracts.

Cuisine Resources experienced food technologists are often called on to design a raw material to suit a specific process or end product. There is a well-equipped technical laboratory with laboratory scale processing equipment to produce a pilot or sample run prior to scaling up to a full production run. This way, the company can be sure that the newly developed ingredient can be duplicated on a commercial scale.

Cuisine Resources is also the leading producer in the world of Kiwifruit Powder Extract (KFPE). This extract contains the unique, natural, low temperature activity enzyme "Actinidin". This protease enzyme is only found in kiwifruit and is finding growing acceptance in the cosmetic, meat, seafood and meat by-product industries. This product is believed to be the only natural (non GMO) enzyme in the world to maintain its activity at low processing temperatures, with enormous benefits to the meat, poultry and seafood industries. KFPE is standardised on activity to ensure results in the food industry are duplicated year in and year out. The extract has found favour in recent years as a superb meat tenderiser as well as a important processing aid in the natural sausage casing industries.

State-of-the-art equipment is installed to give maximum flexibility which ranges from full aseptic packing line covering 250gm units up to a 20kg bag in a box, a centratherm evaporator, and spray dryers which all enable the company to focus on an innovative range of products such as;

  • Diced vegetables
  • Fruit purees and preparations
  • Specialty fruit juice concentrates
  • Stocks and pastes (chicken, meat, seafood, vegetable)
  • Sauces - culinary style
  • Natural flavour bases such as ginger, fermented ginger, cocoa
  • Kiwifruit Powder Extract (KFPE) standardised
  • Savoury flavours in paste and dried form

The range of natural stocks all developed from the classic recipes as used by leading chefs all over the world are a growing part of the company product mix.

The direction of the company is to focus on using only the best natural ingredients and produce niche products for the top end cuisine and health markets. Cuisine Resources specialises in making custom products for its customers specific applications, and continue to develop their processes to produce safe shelf stable products that are currently unavailable in the broader ingredients market.

So, in summing up the strengths of CR, we would simply say that they work hand in hand with nature to find solutions to design and manufacture innovative ingredients in a country renowned worldwide for its pristine environment.

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