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Earthoil Plantations Limited is a production and marketing organisation, part of the RC Treatt group, specialising in the sourcing and supplying of certified organic essential, vegetable and seed oils. Earthoil's plantations in Southern Africa, a processing base in Eastern Africa, a co-ordinated grower project in India, and its extensive international marketing activity, underpin an impressive knowledge base and a broad product range.

Earthoil and Organics
As both a grower and supplier of organic product, Earthoil knows how important it is to protect every stage of the organic process, from the growing of plants through to the processing and packaging of the product.

Since Earthoil started its very first plantation, we have seen the organic industry go from strength to strength. Earthoil believes that organic is the way of the future. More and more, consumers are demanding products that are free from traces of pesticides, herbicides and are not grown with artificial fertilisers.

Earthoil's organic certification is undertaken by the Soil Association, the UK's largest certification body. Soil Association is a non-profit organisation overseen by UKROFS (United Kingdom Register of Organic Farm Standards) and accredited by IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements). Earthoil was first awarded organic certification in the UK in March 2002 and its warehouse is re-certified each year. New organic products sourced by Earthoil from around the globe are individually reviewed by the Soil Association and, once approved, are added onto the Earthoil organic certificate. Earthoil now has an impressive list of certified organic fixed and essential oils, and can provide a copy of the Soil Association organic certificate to every client upon request. Earthoil's organic certification number is: P8113.

Earthoil takes its organic certification very seriously and has implemented strict traceability procedures for both their own product and when purchasing any product from other growers.

Essential Oils
Earthoil offers a broad range of high-quality organic essential oils from around the globe. Some such as tea tree oil come from its own production sources, while others, grapefruit oil for instance, from Argentina, are drawn from our extensive network of organic growers. Whatever essential oil you seek, Earthoil will source it.

Seed Range
Earthoil's organic vegetable oil range is rapidly expanding as new sources are explored, so clients can expect high-quality oils covering a wide range of applications. Perhaps you seek organic sweet almond oil from Spain, or shea butter from Uganda. Whatever the oil, Earthoil will offer advice on composition and properties to aid your selection.

Specialty Range
Earthoil offers a unique range of "exotic" vegetable oils from Africa - ranging from indigenous tree seed oils such as Moringa and Yangu oils, to naturalised fruit oils such as Passion Seed oil. These seeds and fruits are collected by local people (providing valuable extra income), and are then pressed by Earthoil in its factory in Kenya, before being shipped to the Earthoil distribution centre in the UK.

Many of these oils are new to the market and have some very exciting properties, ranging from excellent emollient characteristics to properties enhancing UV protection in cosmetic formulations. Earthoil is very confident of the market potential of these oils.

Embracing Responsibility
Earthoil is committed to the principles of ethical and fair trading and this commitment makes Earthoil unique within the certified oil industry.

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