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Hermann Finzelberg was born in 1842 in Luckenwalde, Brandenburg. As a young man, he became an apprentice in the Berlin pharmacy of Ernst Schering, who was to become the founder of the worldwide known Schering Corporation. Finzelberg is committed to product quality and customer satisfaction as it honours nature. No different to when the company was founded over 135 years ago.

More than 150 different botanical raw materials from all climatic zones of the world are sourced from its mother company, Martin Bauer.

Finzelberg's processing methods are as diversified as is the range of their botanicals. Over many decades, the extraction method of priceless biologically active ingredients has developed into a passionate mission. Extensive experience with every type of plant material and extract is applied to the very latest technology.

Beginning with the preparation of raw materials, extraction and finally drying, Finzelberg follows international standards, using digitally guided, high-tech facilities. During cutting, grinding and extraction, the careful protection of biologically active constituents is always given top priority. During static or dynamic extraction, or the trend-setting spray belt drying, Finzelberg follows all the latest pharmaceutical and GMP regulations.

Strictly defined quality standards together with fully validated production methods are at the very heart of Finzelberg's philosophy.

Every step beginning with the selection of the right plant material is subjected to the most stringent quality controls. National and international standards are, of course, meticulously observed. Finzelberg performs additional internally developed tests to augment international standards where needed.

If all the extracts from the medicinal plant material used by Finzelberg were listed they could fill an entire book. Over 800 different extracts in various forms are tailor-made to suit customer's specific requirements.

The range comprises mainly dry extracts and compacted granules for direct compression into tablets or capsules. However, they also offer oily extracts and selected paste preparations as well.

The "Who's Who" of modern phytotherapy includes the well known St John's Wort, Valerian, Artichoke, Echinacea, Devil's Claw, Kava-Kava, Ginseng, Saw Palmetto, Chamomile, Milk Thistle, Horse Chestnut, Garlic, Hops and so on. But they also have those rare and difficult to obtain botanicals such as Scoplia, Datura, Arnica, Belladonna, Rhodiola and Rauwolfia.

Which extract or what galenic forms will the ongoing phyto-trend required tomorrow? No one knows exactly, but the Finzelberg team is working hard on developments and new ideas for customers and is certainly ready to meet the challenge of the future. Diversification is a continuous process and Finzelberg remains dedicated to serving the alternate healthcare industry worldwide.

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