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Martin Bauer

The trend is clear. Over a long period of time herbal and fruit teas in all their variation, have shown remarkable growth. Modern consumers value naturalness as well as taste, easy preparation and reasonable prices.

Martin Bauer's experienced, creative team sees to it that trends and ideas are converted swiftly and soundly into competitive products and concepts, capable of meeting the highest requirements of the demanding consumer. They aim to provide customers and partners with competitive solutions, tailor-made for their individual markets.

Herbal Teas

  • A wide range to suit every requirement with the option of added vitamins.

Fruit Teas

  • Extensive range covering every flavour combination with the option of added vitamins.

Mono Teas

  • Black and Green
  • Peppermint
  • Chamomile
  • Rosehip - just to name a few.

Medicinal Teas to suit specific health indications

Herbs and botanicals in all forms can be supplied dried as fine cut, coarse cut and special cut.

A quality product begins with the careful selection of raw materials, whenever possible from controlled cultivation. Working closely with long- term partners, providing support in both word and deed and striving for constant improvements to meet the highest standard. Quality is always the best guarantee.

Martin Bauer's quality control system begins at the time of the reception of raw materials and is consistent to the end, when the finished blend leaves their factory. Standardized work routines, based on their long experience gained since 1930, help them to recognise production flaws from the outset.

Careful selection and cultivation of quality raw materials are at the very foundation of Martin Bauer's success. The professional selection of materials and close supervision from propagation to harvesting and the drying process require extensive experience and intensive quality control.

Raw materials must be available at any time of the year and they must always meet the same high quality standards. Moreover, today environmental considerations must always remain in the forefront both in terms of buying from reliable trading partners, and when actually cultivating the plants. Protecting the environment and using GAP (good agricultural practices) are the guiding principles for Martin Bauer.

The wide variety of plant materials requires an international network and raw materials are sourced from every climatic zone around the globe.

Martin Bauer is a leading company in their field, with the unique MABA-PEX (Pressure and Expansion) process. This process, using natural sparkling effervescence, CO2, provides a safe disinfection of incoming botanical materials via pressure treatment. The sensitive components remain untouched. The optimized process is cost-effective and environmentally friendly due to a patented CO2 recycling system.

Martin Bauer's network spans the full spectrum from actual cultivation of herbs, to smooth and careful processing, to an excellent delivery system to meet their customers every need.

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