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Pure Malt Natural Response S.A. is a company involved in the production and marketing of natural extracts derived from unique Chilean plants or plants that grow abundantly in Chile. The main challenge is to sustainably manufacture products having high added value, based on national raw materials (e.g. Quillaja (soaptree), Boldo, Cinnamon Tree, Maqui, Peumo, etc.) being especially mindful not to impair the availability of these valuable natural resources.

Natural Response S.A. is a technologically based company focused on research and production of natural extracts from Chilean renewable resources that have been researched since 1986 by the Department of Bioprocess and Chemical Engineering (Catholic University of Chile).

The most important line of products has been the production of Quillaja (soaptree) extracts. Quillaja (Quillaja saponaria Mol) is a tree that only grows abundantly in Chile, and has a saponin-rich bark and wood. Saponins are natural foaming agents and emulsifiers, they have multiple uses: foaming agent in soft drinks and beers, cosmetics, mining, agriculture, preparation of photographic film, additive in animal feeds, treatment of effluents, preparation of milk-derived low-cholesterol foodstuffs, and as a important adjutant in animal and human vaccines.

In 1996, a joint venture was set up with Desert King International (DKI) of San Diego, CA, U.S.A. DKI has more than 15 years experience in the production and marketing of mostly Mexican plant extracts, such as Yucca, natural chewing gum and Jojoba. Yucca also contains saponins, and therefore the markets and distribution channels are very similar and in many applications, Quillaja and Yucca saponins are complementary. Based on this joint venture a dedicated plant was built in Quilpue, V Region, Chile.

Sustainable use of renewable resources as well as constant technological innovation have always been priorities for the company. Due to these policies in 1999 the National Agricultural Innovation Prize was awarded to Natural Response S.A. by the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture, for the sustainable harvesting of Quillaja.

Through a further joint venture between NR and DKI IN 2000 the company Desert King Chile (DKC) was created exclusively for the marketing and sales of Quillaja extracts, whilst the other activities remained the responsibility of Natural Response S.A. Currently NR is the production unit which produces and commercializes various grades of Quillaja saponins for different end applications. To this end, the company has developed a proprietary process that uses all the Quillaja wood, and not only the bark of the tree. Quillaja saponins are considered safe for human consumption by the FDA (USA), European Union (code E 999), Japan and the Food Codex of the FAO.

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