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Pure Malt

For more than 50 years Phytopharm has been a reliable partner to companies operating in the pharmacy, dietary supplement market and cosmetic industries. Sited in Poland, the "State of the Art" production facility for liquid Phytopharmaceutical services basically controls sales for Northern Europe. As a member of the Martin Bauer group, Phytopharm works in close collaboration with the Finzelberg pharmaceutical extract division. Phytopharm manufactures a wide range of herbal based products using different extraction techniques such as direct maceration, dynamic maceration and controlled percolation. Extractor batches can range from 250kg to over 3000kg. An in-house method for deactivating enzymes in fresh plant material enables the company to produce exceptionally high quality extracts containing phytochemical substances similar to those existing in the original fresh plants. The "Living Plant" range is famous and has been a hallmark of the company in recent years. Phytopharm has direct access to over 200 species of medicinal plants, herbs and other useful plants. These world wide sourcing connections secure the very best raw materials from certified ecological plant cultivations, select species and hybrid types as well as bio-certified wild collections from over 80 countries around the world. Under the brand name of "Herbafin" they provide an extensive range of not only liquid extracts and tinctures, but also formulated syrups, medical oils and ready to use drops fully packaged under the end customers' well recognised Trademark. A select range of powdered standardised herbal extracts is also offered to suit many international markets.

In the early 20th century, herbal medicines in liquid formulations were the usual prescribed form of medication. Even today a modern herbal remedy is not exclusively a medicine in solid form because the key question is certainly "What is the most efficacious delivery system?" Some herbals are better suited to liquid formulations due to the more rapid absorption by the human body. As an example, there is no tablet containing a dry extract of Linden flower that is able to be substituted for a simple Linden liquid infusion, and the same goes for Marshmallow root which is most effective in the traditional syrup form.

Today Phytopharm is a proud member of "The Nature Network" and continues the tradition of producing herbal extracts principally in liquid form to the highest international standards.

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