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All plants are ruled by their growth responding to the ever-changing impact of Nature. This is especially applied to Plantextrakt's highly sensitive teas and medicinal herbs. It therefore calls for the very best efforts of Plantextrakt's parent company, Martin Bauer, to keep us supplied on a day-to-day basis with raw materials of constant quality. Rigorous care of seeds and seedlings, comprehensive safeguarding and fostering of growth, moderate harvesting, gentle transport, and storage according to species are the key to this.

Plantextrakt designs their products and product lines with the building materials provided by Nature - creatively and with imagination.

  • Tea Extracts (Green and Black)
  • Herb Extracts
  • Aroma Extracts
  • Aromatic Substances
  • Natural Dyes
  • Decaffeinated Teas
  • Instant Teas

These extracts are used as basic materials in the beverage and confectionery industry, also serving as the basis components of instant teas. High quality plant extracts are further becoming increasingly important in the cosmetic industry.

Whoever perceives plants as being part of Nature must be able to handle them in a natural way, Plantextrakt is constantly faced with this difficult task when seeking to extract the aromatic and active substances locked up in those plants.

Using natural solvents and gentle technical processes, Plantextrakt can meet the challenge. State-of-the-art manufacturing processes, in conjunction with multi-functional systems for active substance removal by natural extraction, combined with high performance evaporation systems of spray and vacuum drying, gently unlock active substances and help to unfold the inner qualities of their products in an optimum way.

Research and development, analysis and documentation are the most important building blocks of their quality assurance programme. Investigations of raw plant materials and extracts according to specific-methods, current standards, and the time-honoured precepts of pharmacopoeias are also self-evident, as are tests for contaminants, such as micro-organisms, plant protective agents, heavy metals or aflatoxins.

Plantextrakt also prepares files for official licenses to manufacture plant products, and supports its customers in the development of both their own analytical methods and new plant preparations. The concepts devised for you stem from their emphasis on customized projects. Always averse to standard solutions, they seek, when profiling you and your company, to create a unique recipe for success.

The future of the world is to seek nutritious environmentally sound solutions. Plantextrakt's dedication to nature is well known and one it continues to honour.

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