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Prodalysa Ltd, whilst a new company on the world stage, has inherited a proud tradition in the natural extract area. The company is focussed on the manufacture of natural stevia leaf powdered extracts. This purified natural sweetener is from the leaves of the species Rebaudiana Bertoni L.

To look at the stevia plant, nothing particular stands out but when a small piece of leaf is placed in the mouth one is amazed by its sweetness. A mere fragment of leaf is enough to sweeten the mouth for a long time.

It was not until 1899 that one of the more remarkable 'find' in the history of botanical science introduced the world at large to a unique plant from Paraguay known as stevia, or 'honey leaf'. In South America it is primarily known as"Yerba Dulce" and the Guarani Indians of Paraguay have used it for centuries.

Despite these centuries of use, it wasn't until 1899 that the plant was discovered by "civilised" man when M.S. Bertoni observed that the natives used the plant to sweeten their bitter drinks. Eventually Bertoni was to be credited with the discovery of the new species and in his honour, stevia is known as Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni.

Prodalysa manufacture a range of extracts using a unique proprietary in-house mechanical extraction and purification method. No organic solvents are used and perhaps, even more importantly for its clean, natural status, no enzymes are utilised in the manufacturing process. The Company believes they produce the best tasting stevia sweetener bar none. This unique sweetener has been known and used for several hundred years and is native to Paraguay but, in recent times, has been approved for domestic use by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and more recently by the Australian Food Authority (ANZFA).

Prodalysa's processing design, development and production is in the hands of managers with nearly two decades of experience in high quality plant extract production. Production is based in Chile and all material coming from South America (the home of stevia) is only sourced from reputable growers with premium varieties and full traceability, to ISO standards, from the growing field to each production lot.

Recently in a blind taste 3 leading international table top versions were compared to the product "Sweet Leaf" manufactured in the US with Prodalysa's product and the results were clear. "Sweet Leaf" beat the competitors hands down on solubility, clarity, taste, lack of off-notes and after taste.

Ultra Pure® is a stevia extract extremely rich in Rebaudioside "A" and is approximately 250 times sweeter than sucrose. In use, it contributes basically zero calories due to the low dose needed to sweeten products. It is also heat stable in the cooking process. Prodalysa has already set the benchmark for stevia extracts but they have an active R and D programme to look at other natural starting materials with the aim the commercialise these in the near future.

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