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The year 1946 was an important first step with the foundation of the company at Yokkaichi (Japan). Little did the founders of the company realise what an amazing future and growth lay ahead. Now more than six decades later the Taiyo Group is recognised world wide through numerous awards and patents as being one of the world's leaders of innovative functional ingredients at the cutting edge of technology.

"Imagine, Desire and Create". Our concept for a healthy life style.
As an R&D-oriented company, Taiyo is engaged in creating functional food ingredients with limitless potential, as well as handling a wide variety of ingredients ranging from traditional natural materials to materials produced by nano technology and interface solutions.

Nutrition Delivery System
The importance of consuming a proper balance of vitamins and minerals is well recognised. Many nutrients are lacking in our daily diets and processed foods fortified with functional ingredients are in demand. Such nutrients, however, often have formulation concerns such as stability, solubility, colour, flavour and low bioavailability. These problems have been solved by Taiyo Kagaku's Nutrition Delivery System, making it possible to fortify various food products with functional vitamins and minerals. The system incorporates unique emulsification, stabilization and dispersion technology to deliver functional ingredients such as minerals, vitamins, green tea polyphenols and PUFA to designated parts of the body. This system has no effect on the taste of the final formula and provides stable nutrients which are easily absorbed into the body.

SunActive® Series

  • Iron supplement SunActive® Fe

SunActive® Fe has been self-affirmed as GRAS. This affirmation has given them the opportunity to expand into the functional food markets worldwide. Iron is one of the vital nutrients for maintaining health, especially for women and infants. However, it is not easily absorbed into the body and maintains serum iron concentration for an extended period of time. SunActive® Fe is designed as a gentle iron additive causing minimal stomach discomfort. SunActive® Fe has three times the absorption rate over that of normal iron pyrophosphate.

  • Zinc supplement SunActive® Zn

SunActive® Zn - P240 is a powder type emulsified zinc oxide designed to fortify zinc in food and beverage products. Most normal zinc types have well recognised problems. For instance zinc oxide is an insoluble salt whilst other forms such as zinc sulphate and zinc glucomate have a unpleasant taste and all types precipitate easily in any liquid formulae. All these issues are a thing of the past with SunActive® Zn - P240.

Sunfiber AG® water-soluble dietary fiber

Regularisation of bowel movements
An excess intake of certain dietary fibers to treat constipation can cause problems. Sunfibe AG® not only alleviates constipation, but also will not lead to stomach issues. Sunfiber AG® provides a natural source of soluble fiber that gently helps to maintain regularity. Sunfiber AG® dissolves instantly in liquid without increase in viscosity and has no taste.

Effects of Sunfiber AG® on Ca and Mg Absorption Rates
Typically, dietary fibers inhibit the absorption of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Sunfiber AG®, however, has been shown to promote the absorption of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium.

Sunfiber AG ® controls the increase of blood sugar levels
When glucose is ingested (the basis of the Glycemic Index), blood sugar levels increase sharply. The Glycemic Index assigns a quantified value to the degree of blood sugar increase for each food item. It has been shown that SunfiberAG® helps to control the increase in blood sugar levels caused by eating foods with a high GI score.

Sunphenon® green tea catechins

Body fat and hidden obesity
Obesity refers to the condition of excessive body fat. However, fat does not just lie beneath the skin (subcutaneous fat), it also surrounds the internal organs (visceral fat). There are many "internally obese" people who appear to be slim on the outside, but have a high percentage of visceral fat. Green tea catechins help to effectively burn body fat and reduce the problems caused by lifestyle related diseases.

Oral hygiene using green tea - deodorant effect
Green tea catechins help to prevent the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease and reduce plaque build up. Green tea catechins can also help to fight bad breath and unpleasant odours.

Free radical scavenging effect of green tea catechins
A small percentage of the oxygen that enters the body is transformed into harmful free radicals. The human body has a natural ability to remove excess free radicals, however, this ability deteriorates with age. Green tea catechins are extremely effective in removing and scavenging free radicals.

Taiyo is proud of its past research efforts but remains dedicated to the future.

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