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When the Tsuno company commenced business early in 1947 the climate for growth in the aftermath of the 2nd World War was far from ideal but Mr Tsuno had a dream to base the new company in the area of rice culture. Rice in its many forms and the nutritional benefits it offers is at the very foundation of health and happiness for the Japanese nation. Rice and rice bran has always been an integral part of the day to day lifecycle. The goal for the new company was to carry out research into rice and rice by-products as an important natural resource and use this R & D effort to focus on developing a range of products suitable for cooking, cosmetics, medicinal, animal feed and many other industrial areas as well. The humble grain of rice had much to offer and over the last 60 years the Tsuno company has been dedicated to follow this philosophy. The company based in Wakayama in the shadow of the sacred Mount Koya world heritage area has been recognised around the globe for innovation and the highest quality in rice bran products that provide clear benefits in today's busy world. Some of the Tsuno range of products are listed below.


  • PRO-15 Rice Bran Oil

Mild in taste and flavour.
Stable against oxidation.
Rich in bioactive trace components.
Beneficial for cholesterol control.
High combustion temperature of 250° C makes it ideal for food processing.
Rich in gamma oryzanol.


  • Ferulic Acid

Antioxidant and UV absorber.
Anti-bacterial action.
Guards against browning reaction in heated foods.
Promotes healthy cell function.


  • Inositol

Essential vitamin for adults and children.
B group vitamin.
Helps to promote healthy liver function.


  • Phytic Acid (IP6)

Most potent natural mineral chelator.
Excellent antioxidant as it thwarts iron-copper induced oxidation.
Anti-fungal, anti-viral action.
Antibiotic benefits.


  • Polycosanol

Containing NLT 25% octacosanol which is beneficial and recognised for its cholesterol lowering effect.

  • Rice Germ Oil (Y)

This oil contains a very high percentage of Y-oryzanol (approx 30%) which is around 20 times higher than rice bran oil.
High orac value of approx 1500 tem mol/g.

These and many other innovative ingredients are derived from rice and bran at the modern GMP and ISO certified factories of the Tsuno group, but the company remains focused on research into additional functional and nutritional benefits from one of natures greatest gifts, rice.

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