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Nielsen Massey

Nielsen-Massey Vanillas has been producing premium pure vanilla products since 1907. From its ever-popular Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, to custom blends and flavours created for specific customer needs, Nielsen-Massey has earned the reputation as the manufacturer of the worlds finest vanilla extracts.

Those who demand these products include producers of premium ice creams and novelties, to chefs of fine restaurants and bakeries. Whether for industrial or retail use, Nielsen-Massey's vanillas are sought for their unique flavour and functionality. Gourmet food shops and grocers stock Nielsen-Massey's Vanilla products on their shelves for discriminating consumers who appreciate the art of fine cooking and baking.

Vanilla is Nielsen-Massey's main business, pure and simple. They begin creating their vanilla products by carefully selecting prime vanilla beans. Only beans from the finest curers in the world are considered. Once selected, the vanilla beans are inspected carefully bundle by bundle to ensure that the company's strict quality standards are maintained.

Whilst Nielsen-Massey Vanillas has its own internal quality standard, they take pride in their ISO 9002 certification received in 1995 from Lloyds Quality Assurance Registrar for the production of its products. Additionally, Nielsen-Massey is audited annually by the American Institute of Baking, where they have received superior ratings since 1990.

Once the vanilla beans have been hand-selected, the flavour is extracted. Nielsen-Massey does not use the common and widely-used heat extraction process, which the company believes damages flavour components. Instead, Nielsen-Massey uses an exclusive cold extraction process which protects the more than 250 flavour components that contribute to vanilla's delicate flavour bouquet. The vanilla beans are carefully placed in special stainless steel extractors which slowly and gently extract the vanilla flavour profile. With precise temperature control, solutions of water and alcohol are recirculated over and through the beans. The finished extract is then filtered into a holding tank prior to packing. Making a batch of vanilla the Nielsen-Massey way can take from three to five weeks, depending on the desired strength of the end product.

Innovation is an important part of their R & D program and to that end, the company introduced 100% Organic Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract in 1977. Made from organically-certified ingredients, this vanilla provides the typical creamy, sweet, smooth and mellow flavour of the Madagascar Bourbon bean, which is considered to be the worlds best quality.

Another innovative product introduced is its Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Powder. The powder contains no sugar or alcohol, and differs in functionality from vanilla extracts. It is often used as a step-saver for industrial or home baking as it blends easily and dissolves quickly in hot or cold liquids.

Custom application work is a very important part of creating vanilla products. The company's experts work with customers to review their needs and carefully experiment with the various types of vanillas to create a blend which best suits their application. Using the correct vanilla, or vanilla bean blend, for an individual application is an important part of a successful end product.

Today, as perhaps the worlds largest manufacturer of pure vanilla products, Nielsen-Massey is a name synonymous with quality and consistency. The tradition of excellence lives on after more than 100 years.

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