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RC Treatt

For over 120 years, the Treatt group has led the way in sourcing, blending and distilling essential oils and other aromatic chemicals that are used as flavour and fragrance raw materials in a wide variety of consumer products.

As a world leader in the supply of many essential oils, its customers range from the very large to the very small and all receive the first class service that is the international trademark of the Treatt group.

To set the company a world apart, Treatt's buyers work directly with growers and producers of essential oils to ensure that only the finest quality raw materials are obtained.

One of Treatt's strengths is its extensive stockholding of flavour and fragrance raw materials that enables customers to buy large and small quantities at short notice. Such a resource is untypical of a company that invests heavily in R&D and new plant equipment every year to ensure that its customers continue to receive the very finest in products and service. Research and Development plays a vital part in maintaining Treatt's market position and in developing new products such as natural aromatic chemicals derived from essential oils. The development of new and innovative products takes place at the company's R&D laboratories at Treatt's headquarters in England and at its Florida base in the heart of the USA's citrus growing area. The two centres work closely together to meet the demands of customers.

Treatt's distillation and production facility is one of the worlds largest dedicated essential oil facilities. The stills are highly sophisticated and range in capacity from 6,000 litres to less than half a litre for extremely fine development work.

Treatt's highly diverse list of products is sourced through an extensive purchasing network in over 70 countries. From Ajowan Oil from India to YlangYlang from the Comores. These oils are analysed by Treatt's sophisticated quality control departments, both prior to purchase and on arrival at the company. The company's expertise in blending essential oils enable it to supply a predetermined quality, regardless of variations resulting from source, climate or production techniques.

A large proportion of Treatt's purchases of raw materials is based on samples that are analysed before shipment from origin. This analysis includes gas liquid chromatography as well as testing by experienced odour and flavour panels. All raw materials are checked for quality by Treatt on arrival. Blending operations are monitored for consistency with previous batches. Manufactured products are analysed during processing by a self-contained laboratory and also fully quality checked against written specifications by the technical department before being transferred into stock. Finished products are tested for conformity either with agreed specifications or with internationally accepted standards.

With the company's considerable experience in sourcing raw materials throughout the world, Treatt has a stock of more than 1,500 aroma and flavour chemicals, and has a very strong position in the supply of sulphur and nitrogen chemicals, including pyrazines, thiazoles, sulphides and thioesters.

Treatt remains a preferred "one stop shop"for sourcing those essential ingredients used by the flavour, fragrance and associated industries world wide.

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