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Ingredient Resources Partnering

Latest news from Ingredient Resources • TREATT
The March market report highlighted the continued firm market in lemon oils and prices remain high. Treatt offer an extensive range of lemon and other citrus oils from CP Dewaxed to folded and terpeneless versions including well priced compounded oils.
Latest news from Ingredient Resources • PRODALYSA
continues to grow and the "Ultra Pure" stevia extract is proving popular to industry. Not only is it from the home of the stevia plant (South America) but it has been voted the best tasting extract on the market by several major companies who have evaluated "Ultra Pure" agaisnt several other competitor extracts.
Latest news from Ingredient Resources • EARTHOIL
Has further expanded its range of organic essential oils, cosmetic carrier and seed oils. Supported with the full accreditation document file, the Company offers a wide range of genuine organic pure and natural oils. From their own plantations and exclusive sources world wide.
Latest news from Ingredient Resources • NIELSEN MASSEY
Their Bourbon Madagascar vanilla extract scored yet another accolade when the premium ice cream it was in was chosen as the best in that segment. This comes as no surprise, as Nielsen Massey has been making their vanilla extracts the same "old-fashioned" way for over 100 years by a method that captures the traditional flavour from the vanilla bean without compromise.
Latest news from Ingredient Resources • MARTIN BAUER
Herbal and fruit teas continue to capture the imagination of the consumer who seeks new tastes in the infused tea markets. The Martin Bauer Group stand behind many well known international brands and is recognised as one of the world's major suppliers in this area. Much of the product they offer comes from thier own growing fields.
Latest news from Ingredient Resources • TAIYO
Sunactive Iron FE-P80E continues to find favour in the alternative health care area. This unique form of iron, which has absolutely no taste or smell and is bio available to the human body without the usual side affects, is outstanding. Products where it has been successfully trialled range from cheese and milk right through to sports waters and vitamin & mineral supplements.

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Last Updated July 2010